How to Tack up a Horse for English Riding

The equipment you use when riding a horse is called tack. Tacking up a horse for English riding involves placing a saddle, saddle pad, stirrups, bridle and possibly a martingale on the horse.

  • Secure the Horse

    The first step is to secure the horse with cross ties or tie them to a hitching post. This helps ensure that the horse stays in place and you remain safe while tacking up the horse. For safety, use quick release snaps or slip knots when tying the horse so you can quickly free them if they should get caught in the rope.

  • Groom the Horse

    Before you tack up your horse, you should always brush him or her. If you put a saddle on over a dirty horse, the dirt can rub underneath the saddle and cause saddle sores. You should also clean the horse’s hooves with a hoof pick and check to make sure none of the horse’s shoes are loose. You should also check the horse over for any signs of swelling or injury.

  • Saddling Up

    Place the saddle pad up on the horse’s neck and gently slide it back into place. Slide the stirrups up on the straps so they don’t hit the horse’s side when you equip the saddle. Next, place the saddle gently on top of the saddle pad. Buckle the girth on the right side of the horse. Then move to the left side of the horse and reach underneath the horse and pull the girth toward you.Slowly pull the girth tight and buckle it. Then slide the stirrups down on the straps. Wait a few seconds and check the girth again to see if it needs to be tightened again. If you are using a martingale, buckle that on now.

  • Putting on the Bridle

    Untie the horse from the cross ties or hitching post. Put the reins from the bridle over the horse’s neck. This allows you to better control the horse if you need be. Place your fingers on either side of the bit and push the bit into the horse’s mouth. Then slowly slide the headpiece up and over the horse’s ears, and loosely buckle the throat latch.

  • Mounting Up

    Walk your horse a few steps. Double check that your bridle is on correctly and that the reins are not crossed. Check the girth of the saddle, tightening it if necessary. Put the reins in your left hand and mount up your horse.

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