Camp Rules:

  • 1 Have fun!
  • 2 Love horses!
  • 3 Learn lots!

Get ready for some great e(quine) learning fun!

We've put together a fun-filled 10 days of learning and activities for kids of all ages, no horses required! Whether you are supplementing an elearning curriculum, homeschooling, or just have a horse-loving kid, we have you covered. Each day contains great info on the daily topic, fun activities, and bonus learning for kids who have more time. Dive in today and learn about everything from horse breeds to horse care. Here's your weekly schedule!

Camp Week 1:

Camp Week 2:

We also have an optional SLT Champ Camp kit available for purchase. Our kit is jam-packed with items kids will love plus exclusive bonus activities.

Get your SLT Champ Camp Kit HERE!

  • kids with SLT Champ Camp kit
  • kids with SLT Champ Camp kit
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  • Updated: 7/24/2020: 9:46:44 AM ET
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