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There are never enough boots and shoes in your life. Saddle up with a good pair of horse riding boots. The proper footwear is important both in the saddle and around the stable. Men's and women's horse riding boots are designed to help your feet look great and feel comfortable.

Get Your Horse Riding Boots & Equestrian Boots Today

Perhaps more than anything else, the boots on your feet tell the world how you ride. An ornate pair of cowboy boots, with intricate leather design, says “Western,” while the sleek simplicity of an equestrian boot equally speaks for itself.

However, these classic boots do much more than draw attention and envious glances. Men's and women's riding boots are meant to be functional, to protect the rider’s feet in the saddle as well as out, so they must be built to withstand wear and tear, all kinds of weather, and long periods of continual use. In other words, the boots you wear must feel good before you consider how they’ll look.

Durability over style comes into play when you’re working in the stable. Mucking boots are made for such times, made to stand up to mud, grime, and other kinds of “dirt” associated with horses. Western work boots are even tougher, providing valuable protection for your feet.

Paddock boots are another footwear option, particularly in English disciplines. Also known as Jodhpur boots, they’re acceptable for younger riders too. They’re also sturdy enough for work around the stable, and stylish for everyday, anywhere wear.

Now that you’ve got several pairs of boots in your closet, keep them organized with a handy boot rack and looking their best with boot care accessories. And boot socks will make getting your boots on and off that much easier.