Kerrits Ladies Ice Fil Tech Tight

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Product Summary:

Kerrits® Ladies' Ice Fil® Tech Tight

Kerrits' coolest tights—literally! The Ice Fil® fabric converts sweat to air conditioning to cool riders from the bottom up, even when it’s beastly hot, so you can ride through summer in comfort. Even the grip panels are engineered to cool. Breathable, anti-slip Kerrit Sticks™ along the inner leg and seat provide a supple, flexible grip that won’t leave you sweaty.


  • Ice Fil® fabric converts sweat to refrigerant; to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Four-way stretch coverage
  • 2" comfort waistband with belt loops
  • Two convenient low-profile side pockets
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Anti-slip Kerrit Sticks line inner leg and seat providing an equal ratio of stretch, grip, and breathability
  • Wash cold, tumble dry no heat
  • Exclusive Midnight color
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
XS Black E013981 XS BLK 50163BLK XS 848522034598
XS Ocean E013981 XS OCE 50163OCEAN XS 848522034697
XS Shale E013981 XS SHA 50163SHALE XS 848522034741
S Black E013981 S BLK 50163BLK S 848522034604
S Ocean E013981 S OCE 50163OCEAN S 848522034703
S Shale E013981 S SHA 50163SHALE S 848522034758
M Black E013981 M BLK 50163BLK M 848522034611
M Ocean E013981 M OCE 50163OCEAN M 848522034710
M Shale E013981 M SHA 50163SHALE M 848522034765
L Black E013981 L BLK 50163BLK L 848522034628
L Ocean E013981 L OCE 50163OCEAN L 848522034727
L Shale E013981 L SHA 50163SHALE L 848522034772
XL Black E013981 XL BLK 50163BLK XL 848522034635
XL Ocean E013981 XL OCE 50163OCEAN XL 848522034734
XL Shale E013981 XL SHA 50163SHALE XL 848522034789
XS River E013981 XS RVR 50163RIVER XS 848522050369
S River E013981 S RVR 50163RIVER S 848522050376
M River E013981 M RVR 50163RIVER M 848522050383
L River E013981 L RVR 50163RIVER L 848522050390
XL River E013981 XL RVR 50163RIVER XL 848522050406
XS Huckleberry E013981 XS HCK 50163HCKLBRY XS 848522050291
S Huckleberry E013981 S HCK 50163HCKLBRY S 848522050307
M Huckleberry E013981 M HCK 50163HCKLBRY M 848522050314
L Huckleberry E013981 L HCK 50163HCKLBRY L 848522050321
XL Huckleberry E013981 XL HCK 50163HCKLBRY XL 848522050338
XS Eclipse E013981 XS ECL 50163ECLIPSE XS 848522065066
S Eclipse E013981 S ECL 50163ECLIPSE S 848522065073
M Eclipse E013981 M ECL 50163ECLIPSE M 848522065080
L Eclipse E013981 L ECL 50163ECLIPSE L 848522065097
XL Eclipse E013981 XL ECL 50163ECLIPSE XL 848522065103
XS Graphite E013981 XS GRA 50163GRAPHITE XS 848522068326
S Graphite E013981 S GRA 50163GRAPHITE S 848522068333
M Graphite E013981 M GRA 50163GRAPHITE M 848522068340
L Graphite E013981 L GRA 50163GRAPHITE L 848522068357
XL Graphite E013981 XL GRA 50163GRAPHITE XL 848522068364
XS Tan E013981 XS TAN 50163TAN XS 848522054534
S Tan E013981 S TAN 50163TAN S 848522054541
M Tan E013981 M TAN 50163TAN M 848522054558
L Tan E013981 L TAN 50163TAN L 848522054565
XL Tan E013981 XL TAN 50163TAN XL 848522054572
XS Ebony E013981 XS EBO 50163EBONY XS 848522086382
S Ebony E013981 S EBO 50163EBONY S 848522086399
M Ebony E013981 M EBO 50163EBONY M 848522086405
L Ebony E013981 L EBO 50163EBONY L 848522086412
XL Ebony E013981 XL EBO 50163EBONY XL 848522086429
XS Teal E013981 XS TEA 50163TEAL XS 848522086597
S Teal E013981 S TEA 50163TEAL S 848522086603
M Teal E013981 M TEA 50163TEAL M 848522086610
L Teal E013981 L TEA 50163TEAL L 848522086627
XL Teal E013981 XL TEA 50163TEAL XL 848522086634
XS Ink E013981 XS INK 50163INK XS 848522086528
S Ink E013981 S INK 50163INK S 848522086535
M Ink E013981 M INK 50163INK M 848522086542
L Ink E013981 L INK 50163INK L 848522086559
XL Ink E013981 XL INK 50163INK XL 848522086566
XS Midnight E013981 XS MID 50163MIDNIGHT XS 848522088799
S Midnight E013981 S MID 50163MIDNIGHT S 848522088805
M Midnight E013981 M MID 50163MIDNIGHT M 848522088812
L Midnight E013981 L MID 50163MIDNIGHT L 848522088829
XL Midnight E013981 XL MID 50163MIDNIGHT XL 848522088836
XS Platinum E013981 XS PLA 50163PLATINUM XS 843807102702
S Platinum E013981 S PLA 50163PLATINUM S 843807102719
M Platinum E013981 M PLA 50163PLATINUM M 843807102726
L Platinum E013981 L PLA 50163PLATINUM L 843807102733
XL Platinum E013981 XL PLA 50163PLATINUM XL 843807102740
XS Jade E013981 XS JAD 50163JADE XS 843807102498
S Jade E013981 S JAD 50163JADE S 843807102504
M Jade E013981 M JAD 50163JADE M 843807102511
L Jade E013981 L JAD 50163JADE L 843807102528
XL Jade E013981 XL JAD 50163JADE XL 843807102535
XS Amethyst E013981 XS AME 50163AMETHYST XS 843807102429
S Amethyst E013981 S AME 50163AMETHYST S 843807102436
M Amethyst E013981 M AME 50163AMETHYST M 843807102443
L Amethyst E013981 L AME 50163AMETHYST L 843807102450
XL Amethyst E013981 XL AME 50163AMETHYST XL 843807102467
XS Navy E013981 XS NVY 50163NAVY XS 843807102634
S Navy E013981 S NVY 50163NAVY S 843807102641
M Navy E013981 M NVY 50163NAVY M 843807102658
L Navy E013981 L NVY 50163NAVY L 843807102665
XL Navy E013981 XL NVY 50163NAVY XL 843807102672
1X Black E013981 1XX BLK 50163BLK 1X 848522065134
2X Black E013981 2XX BLK 50163BLK 2X 848522065141
1X Tan E013981 1XX TAN 50163TAN 1X 848522065158
2X Tan E013981 2XX TAN 50163TAN 2X 848522065165
1X Platinum E013981 1XX PLA 50163PLATINUM 1X 843807102757
2X Platinum E013981 2XX PLA 50163PLATINUM 2X 843807102764
1X Amethyst E013981 1XX AME 50163AMETHYST 1X 843807102474
2X Amethyst E013981 2XX AME 50163AMETHYST 2X 843807102481
XS Cypress E013981 XS CYP 50163CYPRESSXS 848522116270
S Cypress E013981 S CYP 50163CYPRESSS 848522116287
M Cypress E013981 M CYP 50163CYPRESSM 848522116294
L Cypress E013981 L CYP 50163CYPRESSL 848522116300
XL Cypress E013981 XL CYP 50163CYPRESSXL 848522116317
1X Cypress E013981 1XX CYP 50163CYPRESS1X 848522116324
2X Cypress E013981 2XX CYP 50163CYPRESS2X 848522116331
XS Flint E013981 XS FLT 50163FLINTXS 848522116348
S Flint E013981 S FLT 50163FLINTS 848522116355
M Flint E013981 M FLT 50163FLINTM 848522116362
L Flint E013981 L FLT 50163FLINTL 848522116379
XL Flint E013981 XL FLT 50163FLINTXL 848522116386
1X Flint E013981 1XX FLT 50163FLINT1X 848522116393
2X Flint E013981 2XX FLT 50163FLINT2X 848522116409
XS Purple Haze E013981 XS PRP 50163PURPLEHAZEXS 848522116485
S Purple Haze E013981 S PRP 50163PURPLEHAZES 848522116492
M Purple Haze E013981 M PRP 50163PURPLEHAZEM 848522116508
L Purple Haze E013981 L PRP 50163PURPLEHAZEL 848522116515
XL Purple Haze E013981 XL PRP 50163PURPLEHAZEXL 848522116522
1X Purple Haze E013981 1XX PRP 50163PURPLEHAZE1X 848522116539
2X Purple Haze E013981 2XX PRP 50163PURPLEHAZE2X 848522116546
XS Fig E013981 XS FGG 50163FIGXS 848522133956
S Fig E013981 S FGG 50163FIGS 848522133963
M Fig E013981 M FGG 50163FIGM 848522133970
L Fig E013981 L FGG 50163FIGL 848522133987
XL Fig E013981 XL FGG 50163FIGXL 848522133994
1X Fig E013981 1XX FGG 50163FIG1X 848522134007
2X Fig E013981 2XX FGG 50163FIG2X 848522134014
XS Obsidian Gray E013981 XS GRY 50163OBSIDIANXS 848522144112
S Obsidian Gray E013981 S GRY 50163OBSIDIANS 848522144105
M Obsidian Gray E013981 M GRY 50163OBSIDIANM 848522144099
L Obsidian Gray E013981 L GRY 50163OBSIDIANL 848522144082
XL Obsidian Gray E013981 XL GRY 50163OBSIDIANXL 848522144075
1X Obsidian Gray E013981 1XX GRY 50163OBSIDIAN1X 848522144068
2X Obsidian Gray E013981 2XX GRY 50163OBSIDIAN2X 848522143948
XS Indigo E013981 XS IND 50163INDIGOXS 848522144143
S Indigo E013981 S IND 50163INDIGOS 848522144020
M Indigo E013981 M IND 50163INDIGOM 848522144013
L Indigo E013981 L IND 50163INDIGOL 848522144006
XL Indigo E013981 XL IND 50163INDIGOXL 848522143993
1X Indigo E013981 1XX IND 50163INDIGO1X 848522143986
2X Indigo E013981 2XX IND 50163INDIGO2X 848522143979
XS Walnut Brown E013981 XS WBR 50163WALNUTXS 848522144358
S Walnut Brown E013981 S WBR 50163WALNUTS 848522144235
M Walnut Brown E013981 M WBR 50163WALNUTM 848522144228
L Walnut Brown E013981 L WBR 50163WALNUTL 848522144211
XL Walnut Brown E013981 XL WBR 50163WALNUTXL 848522144204
1X Walnut Brown E013981 1XX WBR 50163WALNUT1X 848522144198
2X Walnut Brown E013981 2XX WBR 50163WALNUT2X 848522144181
XS Juniper Gray E013981 XS JUN 50163JUNIPERXS 848522144327
S Juniper Gray E013981 S JUN 50163JUNIPERS 848522144310
M Juniper Gray E013981 M JUN 50163JUNIPERM 848522144303
L Juniper Gray E013981 L JUN 50163JUNIPERL 848522144297
XL Juniper Gray E013981 XL JUN 50163JUNIPERXL 848522144280
1X Juniper Gray E013981 1XX JUN 50163JUNIPER1X 848522144273
2X Juniper Gray E013981 2XX JUN 50163JUNIPER2X 848522144150

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