Be Classic. Stay Trendy. Find the apparel that speaks to you. Don't overlook the importance of wearing riding apparel appropriate to your discipline. Show off your free spirit and style with the latest trends in horse riding clothing. Whether English or Western, trail riding or eventing, the right equestrian apparel will help you achieve the perfect look.

Riding Apparel for Sale

Horse riding apparel is great for multiple purposes. Street clothes are simply not functional enough for a rider to effortlessly ride a horse, much less muck out a stall. There are also various types of apparel for riders, from English to Western styles of riding.

English riding has centuries of tradition behind its apparel, but the required uniform serves more than an aesthetic purpose. Breeches & riding pants meet the basic philosophy of the discipline, where the rider’s legs have close contact with the horse’s body. These are commonly worn with tall riding boots. Shorter paddock boots are usually paired with half chaps, which provide cover for the rider’s legs.

Show coats, show shirts, and ties are standard for the dressage and event-related disciplines. Gloves and hairnets, where applicable, complete the attire.

Western disciplines are not as formal with their dress code, but the classic Western outfit is still somewhat uniform. Here the rider’s legs aren’t used to communicate with the horse, so chaps, half chaps, and chinks help provide a thick layer of leather protection against the elements or in case of a fall.

Western show riders want to stand out and impress both audiences and judges alike, so a plain-colored, ordinary shirt just won’t do. Western show shirts are ornate, flashy, and made with materials that allow breathability for optimal comfort.

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