The Best Winter
Horse Blankets

There are countless sheets and blankets out there, from light to heavyweight horse blankets and everything in between. New and improved ones are popping up every season, each one of them with unique features that are designed for specific horses, temperatures, and uses. These include lightweight horse blankets with snazzy colors, medium weight horse blankets with new fabric technologies, and more.

To help you quickly find the right blanket, we have compiled our top-selling turnout blankets, top-selling stable blankets, top-selling blanket liners, and a few of the best horse blankets for winter. Our selection includes Tough 1 horse blankets and sheets, WeatherBeeta horse blankets and dog blankets, Snuggie Quilted Stable Blankets, Saxon, Kensington, Horseware Ireland Blankets Amigo, Mio, Rambo, and Rhino, Centaur, Baker, Shires, and TuffRider. We also carry miniature horse blankets, blanket hoods, coolers, blanket liners, and more.

Check out our list of Top Horse Turnout Blankets from Saxon, Mio, Tough 1, and WeatherBeeta.

If you’re still looking for information on and suggestions for more great winter horse blankets, how to measure a horse for a blanket, check out our helpful Blanket Finder, Understanding and Choosing the Right Winter Horse Blanket, Understanding Horse Blankets, and our guide on When to Blanket Your Horse. Remember that proper blanket care will prolong its life and you can read about to protect your investment.

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Turnout Blankets

Stable Blankets

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Blanket Liners

Top Brands

  • Tough-1
  • Weatherbeeta
  • Kensington
  • Horseware Amigo
  • Saxon
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  • Updated: 12/19/2019: 4:55:21 PM ET
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