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Born from a relationship that stemmed out of necessity, the link between horse and man has evolved throughout history to a point where horses are no longer just work animals but valuable companions, as well. However, despite the popularity of horseback riding, it’s crucial to consider both the safety of the rider and the horse before jumping in. According to Think First, 80% of horse-related injuries happen while the rider is still in the saddle, and most of the time the injured party has been riding for at least five years. Riding safely not only involves picking out the right safety gear, but also knowing how to interpret horse behavior correctly. When selecting a horse, the experience level of both the rider and horse play an important role. In addition to rider safety the physical, mental, and psychological health of the horse should always be a priority. This includes things like knowing how to put together a nutritionally balanced diet for your horse and how to obtain proper medical care when necessary.

Horse Health and Care

Horse Breed Information

Competition and Horseback Riding

  • Basic Horse Handling (PDF) - Familiarize yourself with basic equine behavior and senses to make riding an enjoyable experience for both horse and rider.
  • Origins of Basic Tack Equipment - Find out where common pieces of equipment, like mouthpieces and saddles, originated from.
  • How to Choose a Riding Horse - Learn how to select a horse for horseback riding based on conformation, age, and disposition.
  • Falling Off Your Horse - Read through an explanation that details how to safely fall off a horse without getting caught in the saddle or crushing your legs in the process.
  • Introduction to Horseback Riding (PDF) - Become acquainted with the proper way to mount and dismount a horse, handle riding on roads, and learn how to ride safely during the night.
  • Equine Riding Resources - Browse through a comprehensive list of articles that detail the many aspects of horseback riding, including equine communication, overcoming fear, coordination, and learning how to change directions while riding.
  • Recreational Horseback Riding - Check out a list of safety tips and guidelines for horseback riding on federal recreation land, including resources for finding a suitable place to ride for all experience levels.
  • United States Equestrian Federation - Learn more about competitive equestrian sports, recognized national breeds, and read one of the leading horse magazines, Equestrian Magazine.
  • Importance of Equestrian Safety (PDF) - Check out a compilation of statistics that detail why it’s so important to put safety first when riding horses.
  • Transporting Horses - Learn more about the requirements for transporting horses while traveling or competing from the British Horse Society.

Kids’ Corner

  • Young Rider - Learn valuable equestrian care tips and other cool information about horses in this monthly magazine dedicated to youth riders.
  • Horsemanship Articles for Kids - Read inspiring stories about young horse riders that have achieved their goals through horsemanship in these articles published by Western Horseman, a popular equestrian magazine.
  • Benefits of Youth Horseback Riding - Discover why riding a horse with safety in mind is a great way to be outdoors and get exercise at the same time!
  • Horses for Heroes Youth Program - Have fun learning about horsemanship at one of the programs or events specifically geared toward kids.
  • 4-H Horse Farm - Explore what it takes to raise a healthy, happy horse with this list of interactive horse games.
  • Equine Books for Children (PDF) - Find new books to read by using this list of fictional and nonfictional chapter books about horses.
  • Horse Adoption - Have fun adopting and caring for your own virtual horse!
  • Blaze Kids - Read short stories, play games and learn more about different horse breeds.
  • Michigan 4-H Equestrians Program - Learn about horse showmanship, equestrian care, and many other horse-related activities.
  • Learning to Ride a Horse - Become familiar with basic horsemanship with this article specifically geared toward youth riders.
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