English Saddles & Tack

Find modern innovation applied to a classic riding style. English riding is a seamless blend of posture, cadence, and communication – all possible with the tradition of English tack. English saddles for sale allow for better communication between horse and rider, as well as unrestrained ease of movement while riding. With reliable English horse tack for sale, you'll be walking, trotting, and cantering in style.

English saddles and tack suit the singular image of elegance associated with the English horse riding discipline. From hardware to leather, you want to be sure all the components match for a uniform look. The English saddle is flatter than its Western counterpart, giving your horse more freedom to move and the rider more contact to provide direction. The all-purpose or eventing saddle is designed to handle flat terrain as well as jumping fences. The dressage saddle is very simple for handling in the ring, while jumping saddles, as you might guess, are more geared toward show jumping or foxhunting. You’ll also see variations in design for polo saddles and racing saddles.

An English saddle pad is necessary for mutual comfort. The girth and breastplate needed for the saddle will depend on the discipline, along with your choice of irons and leathers. English spurs should be a part of your tack choice as well.

English horse bridles vary widely, due to the different styles of bits, nosebands, and reins. Particularly at the training level, a martingale or breastplate can help a stubborn horse refrain from throwing its head.

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