Halters & Leads

You can never have enough halters and leads. Ever. Horse halters and horse leads are fundamental pieces of equine tack that every horse enthusiast should own. Equip your horse with a right-fitting halter, and keep an assortment of leads handy, and you’ll be sure that you can take on virtually any situation.

Halters & Leads

When you’re in the saddle, you communicate with your horse using a bridle and reins. However, when you’re on the ground, walking with your horse, halters and leads do the job.

Halters and leads are available in a several different materials – rope, cotton, poly, nylon, and leather. The choice of material is often a matter of preference by the rider.

  • Leather halters not only look great but they can break more easily than other materials. Leather halters last a long time and they can be repaired if needed.
  • Nylon halters are strong and don't break easily which can cause problems if your horse gets his or her hatler caught on something. Nylon halters are easy to clean and available in a lot of different fun colors.
  • Rope halters are typically used for groundwork and handling. Rope halters are thin and not as strong as other materials.
  • Show halters are perfect for what their name implies - showing. Fancier than other halters, a show halter can complement your own riding outfit perfectly.

Whichever halter you choose, make sure it meets your needs, your experience level, and your riding activity.

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