Keratex Hoof Hardener

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Keratex Hoof Hardener


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Product Summary:

Keratex Hoof Hardener

Keratex Hoof Hardener strengthens weak, worn, and cracked hooves by improving the molecular structure of the horn itself. Equally effective in wet and dry conditions, it prevents the horn from taking in excess moisture, making it resistant to softening and weakening in wet conditions. This results in a reduction in shoe loss and abscesses. It is not an oil or a resin layer and does not seal the hoof; it will ensure the treated hoof is able to breathe naturally. Moisture balance is properly maintained. It should also be applied to the sole of the hoof to prevent bruising.

Hoof Hardener is a gentle-acting chemical formulation that forms additional intermolecular bonds between molecules of keratin through the process of cross-linking. Keratin is the main protein constituent of horn and is best described as the building block of the horn structure. The cross-linking process results in additional atoms being distributed between the keratin molecules to produce a tougher and stronger horn structure.

Many other products claim to strengthen the hoof, but usually this entails a superficial layer of resin or varnish. Hoof Hardener works by actually improving the structure of the horn itself. Since it is neither a varnish or resin layer, it leaves no visible coating. Therefore, the treated hoof is able to breathe and function naturally. With the active formulation of Hoof Hardener, the quality of existing horn can be improved chemically within just a few days. Obviously, cracks will not disappear, but the horn around them will be strengthened to resist further movement so they can grow out. Once treated, the horn will also be better able to support nails so shoes stay on better. Because of its hardening and strengthening effects, it is superb for use on shod and unshod horses.

User Notes: Sold in 250ml plastic bottles. Includes separate hoof brush for application.

Apply to lower half of hoof and sole, avoiding coronary band and frog.
Use daily for one week then twice weekly for general hoof maintenance.
If the hoof has been treated with any oils or greases over the past three months, degrease the hoof thoroughly with acetone before applying this product. Do not use any oils or greases while using this product.

Helpful hint: Pour from the bottle into the cap and work out of it to avoid getting dirt back in the bottle or spilling it.

Selected by the Horse-Journal as "Editor's Choice" and "2010 Product of the Year"

A little more on the technical side:
Although the unique formula for Keratex Hoof Hardener is protected under patent laws, the following information is provided to help explain why this product is materially different from all other products and why it has earned unparalleled worldwide success with farriers, veterinarians, and horse enthusiasts for more than a decade.

Farriers have used formalin for many years to harden horses' hooves. The action of formaldehyde on keratin is well known to be a simple cross-linking action. Methylene or bis-thioether groups are added by condensation reactions with reactive amino, sulphydryl or other groups on the keratin helix to form additional linkages to reinforce the rather labile disulphide links which occur naturally. It is quite incorrect to say that formalin hardens horn by removing water. Rather, it strengthens it by introducing these extra inter and intra-molecular links.

However, formaldehyde in its simple aldehyde state reacts too quickly. It case-hardens the hoof, thus preventing the entry of formalin to deeper layers, and also creating surface brittleness. It also contains another substance which effectively slows down the reactivity of the -CHO group, thus giving time for the aldehyde to penetrate the outer layers of horn. This is facilitated by the presence of yet another compound in Hoof Hardener which temporarily modifies the hydrogen bonds which join the helix coils internally and externally. Having done this, the compound then evaporates, leaving the hydrogen bonds to re-make once the aldehyde is in place.

Keratex Hoof Hardener also contains an inorganic complexing agent. One end of the molecule of this agent co-ordinates onto a nitrogen atom in the keratin molecule. The other end modifies the keratin helix, thus effectively adding an aggregate to stiffen the horn. This process resembles the consolidating effect of the melanin in hoof horn. The melanin also acts as an aggregate and confers extra strength.

Finally, it contains a plasticiser to stop the horn from becoming brittle, and it also contains a powerful disinfectant to assist in maintaining general hoof health.

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Product Reviews by Customers

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Best product out there.Recommended by both farriers and Vets
Elizabeth R on Jul 14, 2019
always works very well on my horses' feet in muddy weather
Andrea B on Jun 12, 2019
Best product out there.Recommended by both farriers and Vets
Elizabeth R on Jul 14, 2019
This product was recommended by my farrier.
Kelsey W on Jun 27, 2019
always works very well on my horses' feet in muddy weather
Andrea B on Jun 12, 2019
Vet recommended
Cathy W on May 31, 2019
Maureen S on Mar 23, 2019
It hardens soft hooves during rainy seasons and keeps them from cracking during dry seasons
MARA H on Mar 20, 2019
Recommended by farrier
Donna L on Mar 17, 2019
Really helps with keeping hooves from becoming so soft with all this rain.
Wendy O on Mar 16, 2019
My thoroughbred needs this for his feet when it is wet outside
Michelle D on Feb 25, 2019
seems to help flaky feet
Calvin R on Jan 22, 2019
Recommended by farrier
Bella H on Jan 2, 2019
works great
Peter K on Dec 27, 2018
Best product on the market for toughening the soles of hooves.
Pamela W on Dec 13, 2018
Keratex has provided great results! Living in such a wet climate, Keratex has been great at keeping my horse's hooves in tip-top condition. However, I go through it really fast, so it is essential to stock up on this item.
Jillian P on Dec 10, 2018
I am transitioning shod horses to barefoot. This stuff works wonders to toughen up the soles.
Kim A on Dec 10, 2018
for winter - horses shoes pulled
Lisa E on Dec 10, 2018
It works! In just a few days (follow the directions on box), my horses' hooves are no longer breaking or chipping. My thin-soled horse is no longer getting bruises.
Margaret T on Nov 21, 2018
Good reviews.
Belinda H on Nov 20, 2018
hoping it will help harden hooves during wet seasons and prevent abscesses
Debi O on Nov 18, 2018
My farrier recommended this, and it has made an amazing difference in my horse's hooves.
Matthew S on Nov 17, 2018
I use this in conjunction with Biotin 800Z with excellent results in my horse's hoof health.
RACHEL O on Nov 12, 2018
My horse has thin soles and the vet and the farrier recommended Keratex. I've used it before and it does a fabulous job!!!
Janet B on Nov 5, 2018
I use an excellent hoof supplement, but my APHA gelding continues to suffer from tender soles. Hoping this helps!
Robin D on Oct 28, 2018
recommended by vet
penny c on Oct 25, 2018
My horse has soft hooves
Katie B on Oct 24, 2018
My horse has soles that bruise easily and I am hoping this will help to toughen them up a bit so I don't have to buy shoes.
Cheron S on Oct 23, 2018
I have seen great results after initial use of Keratex. My horse's tender soles have hardened, and hoof wall is improving. My farrier recommended Keratex to improve hoof condition. I am very pleased!
Jennifer K on Oct 22, 2018
This product has been recommended to me by several farriers. when used regularly it really helps strengthen my horses' hooves.
Linda S on Oct 10, 2018
farrier recommended for my thoroughbred,
Dawn C on Oct 5, 2018
it works
PETER C on Oct 4, 2018
Need this to help repair a horse's hooves
Peter B on Oct 2, 2018
best hardner for my shoe less horse
Margaret A on Aug 31, 2018
It works
Ralph E on Aug 30, 2018
Recommended by friend
Erin R on Aug 29, 2018
Regular use helps prevent my horse's hooves from getting shaley/chipping. My farrier noticed a better quality hoof after consistent use. I use it on his sole as well to try to prevent abscesses.
Anne Z on Aug 28, 2018
Best hoof treatment for wet conditions.
Jackie B on Aug 27, 2018
Because it WORKS!
William W on Aug 26, 2018
Farrier recommended
Brooke D on Aug 25, 2018
works great for soft soles
Monica p on Aug 24, 2018
Great product to use on my clients horses
Michele L on Aug 18, 2018
Excellent product
RACHEL O on Aug 10, 2018
my donkey has white line Keratex hoof hardner I was told would help...we'll see?
Dorothy W on Aug 7, 2018
works great
Kebbie C on Jul 27, 2018
this is a very good product. I've been using it for almost a year. Saves me on having to put shoes on my horse :)
CHRISTINE P on Jul 26, 2018
My ferrer said this produce would help with strengthen and protecting my horses hooves.
Michele R on Jul 24, 2018
My farrier highly recommends this product. He said, "It's worth it's weight in gold!"
Tina K on Jul 21, 2018
Previous use.
Kathy P on Jul 6, 2018
My thoroughbreds have terrible hooves that are cracking and busting up really bad. My farrier suggested this product to help with strengthening the hoof.
Madisen B on Jul 6, 2018
Vet Recommended
Andre R on Jun 24, 2018
perfect to harden soft feet after all this rain
SUZANNE L on Jun 14, 2018
This product was recommended by my farrier.
Kelsey W on Jun 27, 2019
Vet recommended
Cathy W on May 31, 2019
Is this Keratex used on the hoof soles and frogs, or just the hoof wall? My horse's hoof walls are healthy and hold shoes well, but her hind feet/ heels tend to become run under and are easily bruised. Wouls you suggest this or the hoof gel?
Liz B on Jun 20, 2014
Keratex hoof hardener is used only on soles and hoof wall. Never put on frog or near coronary band (hairline)or any soft tissue. I have a thoroughbred who has thin soles and this product has done an amazing job! I will certainly keep using the product throughout his life. I would recommend this product for hardening the soles, however, you may want to question your farrier about tenderness on the hind heels and see if trimming at a different angle may help. One word of advice,since this product is "liquid gold"!, I pour some product into the cap and use the paint brush from there instead of dipping into the bottle. Keeps the product in the bottle clean. You should wear gloves but I just wash my hands after use. I do soles and then paint 1/2 way up the hoof wall so as to keep my hands free of the product. Remember: Do NOT get this product on the frog or any soft tissue. Hope this helps. :) Happy Riding!
What is the difference between the gel and the hoof hardener?
Monique L on Jul 2, 2017
Keratex Hoof Hardener
Keratex Hoof Hardener
Keratex Hoof Gel
Keratex Hoof Gel
BEST ANSWER: I have only used the hoof hardener - it is fantastic!!! Keeps fungus away & during very wet times keeps hooves hard & healthy. Luv luv luv this product & my farrier loves the results. I use it all year long.
What are the ingredients of this product?
Helen on Jan 24, 2015
BEST ANSWER: hi helen, google keratex ingredients and you'll get one to their homepage which gives additional info as to what is included. my farrier highly recommended this product to me.

I must say even tho the product is expensive it has truly helped my off the track thoroughbred who has been having issues with his hooves this last year due to the excessive moisture we had. i put it on daily on the soles only (not the frog) and around the bottom of his hoof and they have improved a great deal. i highly recommend it.
Can i use soft ride boots after using this product?
A shopper on Jan 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I'm sure ! Keratex is amazing! Do Not get it on the coronary band. It irritates the band. But immediate results (used as directed).
My farrier and I refer to Keratex as GoreTex for the hoof, it lets the hoof breath, at the same time, repels water so the hoof doesn't experience wet / dry / wet / dry conditions which are stressful to the strength of the hoof.
Good Luck with your horses' hooves!
Remember, "No hoof, no horse!"

What is the size - 250 ml?
A shopper on Apr 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: 250 milileters is a plastic bottle holding about a cup and a half of Keratex liquid. The product is
excellent for protecting and preventing breakage and cracking of hooves. It also hardens the soles
when applied to them. It seems expensive, but probably saves money in the long run due to the improved
integrity and strength of the hoof. I use it and have for years.
During wet muddy conditions, can diluted vinegar solution be sprayed on the hooves to clean them, just prior to applying Keratex?
Texas on Dec 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: If diluted vinegar works for that, why not use it? But personally, I just used a damp sponge to loosen the mud and then rubbed it off with a rag before applying the Keratex. Be sure the hooves are dry before applying, though. It's great stuff and worked for my horses through a wet and snowy winter!
Would you use this product on a horse that has foundered?
Stormy on Jul 31, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I have found that Keratex has helped all my horses feet. It has really helped the integrity of the hoof wall on my Thoroughbred who has very thin hoof walls and is very tough on her feet. the key is to be consistent and follow the directions! I have not used it on any horses that have foundered but if growing hoof and helping to make them stronger is the result yo are looking for I'd definitely give it a try.
How long should this bottle last?
Sandy M on Sep 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It depends on how much you use it. One bottle lasted me most of the summer for two horses, applied twice a week.
Can you use Keratex hardener along with Keratex Gel?
Billie C on Apr 15, 2019
Keratex Hoof Hardener
Keratex Hoof Hardener
Keratex Hoof Gel
Keratex Hoof Gel
BEST ANSWER: Yes. I use the hardener 1-2 times a week and the gel in between times. The frog can be painted with the gel but NOT the hardener. I've found the feet to be much easier to clean with use of the gel as well. Also, the gel comes in a much larger bottle and does not come with a brush. Purchase a cheap one inch LONG HANDLED brush to use with your gel.
Can I use on my mini donkeys? Is it harmful if it gets on their skin or coronary band?
Sandy on Feb 14, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I honestly don’t know of any reason you couldn’t use it on your donkeys. I only put it on the bottom half of the hoof, where it’s most likely to split, so it doesn’t come in contact with the coronary band. I’ve used this product for YEARS, and my horses feet always hold up in even the nastiest of weather!
what is the weight or size of this product?
judy m on Mar 22, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It comes in 250 ml bottles. In English measurement, that's about 8.5 oz. About the size of a bottle of lotion.
Ok so if I get it on the coranary wall or skin what do I do to correct that mistake and easy any discomfort other than warm water?
Sandy on Feb 14, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The hood hardener has worked great for my gelding. I haven't had any issues with it on the coronary band or skin area. I believe that it is a covering, kind of like a liquid bandage, so it would prevent the circulation if applied to the coronet band on a regular basis.
Wondering if you can use this product to harden human nails?
A shopper on Jan 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Think you should speak w/ your doctor and also consider how long it takes a hoof to grow vs human nails. Eat more jello!
It states in the description to use acetone if you have used oils or greasers on the hoof in the last three months. I use a corona hoof conditioner would I need acetone before I start Keratex ?
A shopper on Sep 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes! Oils cause the hoof to repel the keratex product (which I call 'liquid gold' b/c it not only works but is expensive!). You want it to soak into the hoof sole and walls. Remember to keep the HARDENER off the frog and the coronary band. I have applied a small amount of hoof oil about 1/2 along the coronary band with my finger AFTER I've applied the keratex hardener just to keep the coronary band soft and supple.
My horse has white line and stands in urine all the time no matter how clean I keep his pen . Will this cure the while line ,too?
Mary L on May 8, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I really doubt it.
How much is shipping for this product?
A shopper on Apr 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Standard economy shipping starts at $6.99