Kerrits Kids Knee Patch Tights


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Product Summary:

Kids love how these tights feel softer than a ponys nose and come in a fun rainbow of colors and patterns. Practical parents adore how beautifully they hold up ride after ride and wash after wash. The adjustable elastic drawstring helps them stretch across seasons. No wonder these beloved Kerrits tights have helped sprout over a million equestrian careers worldwide.



  • Super-soft Fabrisuede Tactel with four-way stretch comfort
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Drawcord waistband for an adjustable fit
  • Eco Suede knee patches
  • Ride, wash, repeat!
  • Fabrisuede Tactel - 91% micropoly/9% spandex
  • Eco Suede - 100% recycled ultra-microfiber

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
L Sterling E035800 LG STR 60500STERLINGL 848522173099
XL Magenta E035800 XL MAG 60500MAGWNTWHINXL 840263303643
M Magenta E035800 MD MAG 60500MAGWNTWHINM 840263303629
M Admiral E035800 MD ADM 60500ADM/ADMBLMM 840263303506
L Magenta E035800 LG MAG 60500MAGWNTWHINL 840263303636
L Admiral E035800 LG ADM 60500ADM/ADMBLML 840263303513
XS Magenta E035800 XS MAG 60500MAGWNTWHINXS 840263303605
XS Admiral E035800 XS ADR 60500ADM/ADMBLMXS 840263303483
S Magenta E035800 SM MAG 60500MAGWNTWHINS 840263303612
S Admiral E035800 SM ADR 60500ADM/ADMBLMS 840263303490
S Black E035800 SM BLK 60500BLKS 848522003525
M Black E035800 MD BLK 60500BLKM 848522003532
M Tan E035800 MD TAN 60500TANM 848522006922
L Black E035800 LG BLK 60500BLKL 848522003549
L Tan E035800 LG TAN 60500TANL 848522006939
XL Black E035800 XL BLK 60500BLKXL 848522003556
XL Tan E035800 XL TAN 60500TANXL 848522006946
S Purple E035800 SM PRP 60500CASSIHORSES 848522145591
M Purple E035800 MD PRP 60500CASSIHORSEM 848522145584
L Purple E035800 LG PRP 60500CASSIHORSEL 848522145577
XL Purple E035800 XL PRP 60500CASSIHORSEXL 848522145652
S Harbor Blue E035800 SM BLU 60500HARBHORSES 848522145690
M Harbor Blue E035800 MD BLU 60500HARBHORSEM 848522145683
L Harbor Blue E035800 LG BLU 60500HARBHORSEL 848522145676
XL Harbor Blue E035800 XL BLU 60500HARBHORSEXL 848522145959
S Maui Blue E035800 SM MBL 60500MAUIS 848522145942
M Maui Blue E035800 MD MBL 60500MAUIM 848522145935
L Maui Blue E035800 LG MBL 60500MAUIL 848522145928
XL Maui Blue E035800 XL MBL 60500MAUIXL 848522145911
S Blue E035800 SM BLUH 60500HARBORS 848522161515
M Blue E035800 MD BLUH 60500HARBORM 848522161522
L Blue E035800 LG BLUH 60500HARBORL 848522161539
XL Blue E035800 XL BLUH 60500HARBORXL 848522161645
S Blue Horse E035800 SM BLHR 60500IND/IHORSES 848522161461
M Blue Horse E035800 MD BLHR 60500IND/IHORSEM 848522161478
L Blue Horse E035800 LG BLHR 60500IND/IHORSEL 848522161485
XL Blue Horse E035800 XL BLHR 60500IND/IHORSEXL 848522161492
S Purple Horse E035800 SM PRPH 60500LAVENHORSES 848522161560
M Purple Horse E035800 MD PRPH 60500LAVENHORSEM 848522161577
L Purple Horse E035800 LG PRPH 60500LAVENHORSEL 848522161584
XL Purple Horse E035800 XL PRPH 60500LAVENHORSEXL 848522161591
XS Admiral Blue E035800 XS ABL 60500ADMIRALXS 848522176403
S Admiral Blue E035800 SM ABL 60500ADMIRALS 848522179121
M Admiral Blue E035800 MD ABL 60500ADMIRALM 848522181834
L Admiral Blue E035800 LG ABL 60500ADMIRALL 848522174898
XL Admiral Blue E035800 XL ABL 60500ADMIRALXL 848522177615
XS Blue Horse E035800 XS BLHR
XS Black E035800 XS BLK
XS Blue Ponies E035800 XS BLP 60500OXFPLAYPONXS 848522174904
S Blue Ponies E035800 SM BLP 60500OXFPLAYPONS 848522177622
M Blue Ponies E035800 MD BLP 60500OXFPLAYPONM 848522180332
L Blue Ponies E035800 LG BLP 60500OXFPLAYPONL 848522173396
XL Blue Ponies E035800 XL BLP 60500OXFPLAYPONXL 848522176113
XS Harbor Blue E035800 XS BLU
XS Blue E035800 XS BLUH
XS Grapevine/Bit E035800 XS GRP 60500SHDPLAYPONXS 848522178834
S Grapevine/Bit E035800 SM GRP 60500SHDPLAYPONS 848522181544
M Grapevine/Bit E035800 MD GRP 60500SHDPLAYPONM 848522174607
L Grapevine/Bit E035800 LG GRP 60500SHDPLAYPONL 848522177325
XL Grapevine/Bit E035800 XL GRP 60500SHDPLAYPONXL 848522180035
XS Maui Blue E035800 XS MBL
XS Purple Ponies E035800 XS PPO 60500MAGPLAYPONXS 848522180639
S Purple Ponies E035800 SM PPO 60500MAGPLAYPONS 848522173693
M Purple Ponies E035800 MD PPO 60500MAGPLAYPONM 848522176410
L Purple Ponies E035800 LG PPO 60500MAGPLAYPONL 848522179138
XL Purple Ponies E035800 XL PPO 60500MAGPLAYPONXL 848522181841
XS Purple E035800 XS PRP
XS Purple Horse E035800 XS PRPH
XS Seaglass E035800 XS SBL 60500SEAGLASSXS 848522172474
S Seaglass E035800 SM SBL 60500SEAGLASSS 848522175192
M Seaglass E035800 MD SBL 60500SEAGLASSM 848522177912
L Seaglass E035800 LG SBL 60500SEAGLASSL 848522180622
XL Seaglass E035800 XL SBL 60500SEAGLASSXL 848522173686
XS Tan E035800 XS TAN
S Tan E035800 SM TAN
L Blue Bloom E035800 LG BLB 60500ADM/ADMBLML 848522196531
L Blue Whinnies E035800 LG BLW 60500ADMWNTWHINL 848522196586
L Purple Whinnies E035800 LG PPW 60500MAGWNTWHINL 848522197361
M Blue Bloom E035800 MD BLB 60500ADM/ADMBLMM 848522196548
M Blue Whinnies E035800 MD BLW 60500ADMWNTWHINM 848522196593
M Purple Whinnies E035800 MD PPW 60500MAGWNTWHINM 848522197521
S Blue Bloom E035800 SM BLB 60500ADM/ADMBLMS 848522196555
S Blue Whinnies E035800 SM BLW 60500ADMWNTWHINS 848522196609
S Purple Whinnies E035800 SM PPW 60500MAGWNTWHINS 848522196357
XL Blue Bloom E035800 XL BLB 60500ADM/ADMBLMXL 848522196524
XL Blue Whinnies E035800 XL BLW 60500ADMWNTWHINXL 848522196579
XL Purple Whinnies E035800 XL PPW 60500MAGWNTWHINXL 848522197354
XS Blue/Bloom E035800 XS BLB 60500ADM/ADMBLMXS 848522196562
XS Blue Whinnies E035800 XS BLW 60500ADMWNTWHINXS 848522196616
XS Purple Whinnies E035800 XS PPW 60500MAGWNTWHINXS 848522196517
S Maui E035800 SM MAI
M Maui E035800 MD MAI
L Maui E035800 LG MAI
XL Maui E035800 XL MAI
S Dragonfly Blue E035800 SM DRA 60500DRAGONFLYS 840263315554
M Dragonfly Blue E035800 MD DRA 60500DRAGONFLYM 840263315561
L Dragonfly Blue E035800 LG DRA 60500DRAGONFLYL 840263315578
XL Dragonfly Blue E035800 XL DRA 60500DRAGONFLYXL 840263315585
S Purple/Iris Luck E035800 SM PPI 60500HUCK/IRISLUCKS 840263315608
M Purple/Iris Luck E035800 MD PPI 60500HUCK/IRISLUCKM 840263315615
L Purple/Iris Luck E035800 LG PPI 60500HUCK/IRISLUCKL 840263315622
XL Purple/Iris Luck E035800 XL PPI 60500HUCK/IRISLUCKXL 840263315639
S Iris Purple E035800 SM IRI 60500IRISS 840263315653
M Iris Purple E035800 MD IRI 60500IRISM 840263315660
L Iris Purple E035800 LG IRI 60500IRISL 840263315677
XL Iris Purple E035800 XL IRI 60500IRISXL 840263315684
S Blue/Peacock E035800 SM BPC 60500LAG/PEABQTS 840263315707
M Blue/Peacock E035800 MD BPC 60500LAG/PEABQTM 840263315714
L Blue/Peacock E035800 LG BPC 60500LAG/PEABQTL 840263315721
XL Blue/Peacock E035800 XL BPC 60500LAG/PEABQTXL 840263315738
XS Maui E035800 XS MAI
XS Dragonfly Blue E035800 XS DRA 60500DRAGONFLYXS 840263315547
XS Purple/Iris Luck E035800 XS PPI 60500HUCK/IRISLUCKXS 840263315592
XS Iris Purple E035800 XS IRI 60500IRISXS 840263315646
XS Blue/Peacock E035800 XS BPC 60500LAG/PEABQTXS 840263315691
XS Admiral Whinnies E035800 XS ADMW 60500ADMWNTWHINXS 840263303537
S Admiral Whinnies E035800 SM ADMW 60500ADMWNTWHINS 840263303544
M Admiral Whinnies E035800 MD ADMW 60500ADMWNTWHINM 840263303551
L Admiral Whinnies E035800 LG ADMW 60500ADMWNTWHINL 840263303568
XL Admiral Whinnies E035800 XL ADMW 60500ADMWNTWHINXL 840263303575
XS Black Boom E035800 XS BLKB 60500BLK/BLKBLMXS 848522197347
S Black Boom E035800 SM BLKB 60500BLK/BLKBLMS 840263303582
M Black Boom E035800 MD BLKB 60500BLK/BLKBLMM 840263303599
L Black Boom E035800 LG BLKB 60500BLK/BLKBLML 848522197316
XL Black Boom E035800 XL BLKB 60500BLK/BLKBLMXL 848522197309
XL Wisteria E035800 XL WIS 60500WISTERIAXL 848522181537
L Black/Equine E035800 LG BKE 60500BLK/EQSTDSL 840263363838
L Galaxy/Snaffle E035800 LG GBL 60500GAL/SNFLSYML 840263363821
M Black/Equine E035800 MD BKE 60500BLK/EQSTDSM 840263363852
M Galaxy/Snaffle E035800 MD GBL 60500GAL/SNFLSYMM 840263363845
S Black/Equine E035800 SM BKE 60500BLK/EQSTDSS 840263363722
S Galaxy/Snaffle E035800 SM GBL 60500GAL/SNFLSYMS 840263363715
XL Black/Equine E035800 XL BKE 60500BLK/EQSTDSXL 840263363814
XL Galaxy/Snaffle E035800 XL GBL 60500GAL/SNFLSYMXL 840263363807
XS Black/Equine E035800 XS BKE 60500BLK/EQSTDSXS 840263363746
XS Galaxy/Snaffle E035800 XS GBL 60500GAL/SNFLSYMXS 840263363739

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