Romfh Ladies Champion FS Breech


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Product Summary:

Romfh Ladies Champion FS Breech

The fabric in the Romfh Champion Euro Seat Breech is a real "work horse", a tough combo of cotton and stretch micro-nylon called Dura-Dry. Dura-Dry wears like iron yet is as lightweight and comfortable as our famous International fabric. Even on the hottest day you will feel dry and comfortable. The Champion also features "Curve Fit", a special cut to reduce any "gapping" at the back waist, nipped in at the waist and cut fuller through the seat and thigh. Perfect for the curvy girls! 2 button mid-rise, lightweight woven with stretch ankle.


Made with Dura-Dry fabric

Lightweight and comfortable

Special cut to reduce gapping

Cut fuller through seat and thigh

Item Specifications:

2 button mid rise

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
32L Jade E028275 32L JAD 468786JADOB32L 840031316752
22R Steel Grey E028275 22R SGY 468786STGRY22R 840031396174
24L Blue E028275 24L BLU 468786INBLU24L 840031320698
24R Bordeaux E028275 24R BOR 468786BORDE24R 840031311818
24R Dark Navy E028275 24R NVY 468786DKNVY24R
24R Night/Blue E028275 24R NBL 468786NTSBL24R 840031311870
24R Slate Blue E028275 24R SBL 468786SLTBL24R 840031311887
24R White E028275 24R WHT 468786WHT 24R 840031311917
26L Black E028275 26L BLK 468786BLK 26L 841095039564
26L Bordeaux E028275 26L BOR 468786BORDE26L 841095063798
26L Dark Navy E028275 26L NVY 468786DKNVY26L
26L Loganberry E028275 26L LOG 468786LOGAN26L 841095067123
26L Night/Blue E028275 26L NBL 468786NTSBL26L 840031304407
26L Slate Blue E028275 26L SBL 468786SLTBL26L 841095063897
26L White E028275 26L WHT 468786WHT 26L 840031364029
26R Black E028275 26R BLK 468786BLK 26R 841095039571
26R Bordeaux E028275 26R BOR 468786BORDE26R 841095063804
26L Dark Chocolate E028275 26L DCH 468786DKCHC26L 840031356840
26R Dark Navy E028275 26R NVY 468786DKNVY26R
26R Loganberry E028275 26R LOG 468786LOGAN26R 841095067130
26R Night/Blue E028275 26R NBL 468786NTSBL26R 840031304414
26R Slate Blue E028275 26R SBL 468786SLTBL26R 841095063903
26R White E028275 26R WHT 468786WHT 26R 840031364036
26R Wood/Dark Wood E028275 26R WOO 468786WDDWD26R 841095096635
28L Black E028275 28L BLK 468786BLK 28L 841095039588
28L Bordeaux E028275 28L BOR 468786BORDE28L 841095063811
26R Dark Chocolate E028275 26R DCH 468786DKCHC26R 841095616208
28L Dark Navy E028275 28L NVY 468786DKNVY28L
28L Loganberry E028275 28L LOG 468786LOGAN28L 841095067147
28L Night/Blue E028275 28L NBL 468786NTSBL28L 840031304421
28L Slate Blue E028275 28L SBL 468786SLTBL28L 841095063910
28L White E028275 28L WHT 468786WHT 28L 840031364043
28L Wood/Dark Wood E028275 28L WOO 468786WDDWD28L 841095096642
28R Black E028275 28R BLK 468786BLK 28R 841095039687
28R Anthracite E028275 28R ANT 468786ANBLK28R 840031364517
28R Bordeaux E028275 28R BOR 468786BORDE28R 841095063828
28L Dark Chocolate E028275 28L DCH 468786DKCHC28L 840031356871
28R Dark Navy E028275 28R NVY 468786DKNVY28R
28R Loganberry E028275 28R LOG 468786LOGAN28R 841095067154
28R Night/Blue E028275 28R NBL 468786NTSBL28R 840031304438
28R Slate Blue E028275 28R SBL 468786SLTBL28R 841095063927
28R White E028275 28R WHT 468786WHT 28R 840031364050
28R Wood/Dark Wood E028275 28R WOO 468786WDDWD28R 841095096659
30L Black E028275 30L BLK 468786BLK 30L 841095039786
30L Anthracite E028275 30L ANT 468786ANBLK30L
30L Bordeaux E028275 30L BOR 468786BORDE30L 841095063835
28R Dark Chocolate E028275 28R DCH 468786DKCHC28R
30L Dark Navy E028275 30L NVY 468786DKNVY30L 841095616307
30L Loganberry E028275 30L LOG 468786LOGAN30L 841095067161
30L Night/Blue E028275 30L NBL 468786NTSBL30L 840031304445
30L Slate Blue E028275 30L SBL 468786SLTBL30L 841095063934
30L White E028275 30L WHT 468786WHT 30L 840031364067
30L Wood/Dark Wood E028275 30L WOO 468786WDDWD30L 841095096666
30R Black E028275 30R BLK 468786BLK 30R 841095039885
30R Anthracite E028275 30R ANT 468786ANBLK30R
30R Bordeaux E028275 30R BOR 468786BORDE30R 841095063842
30L Dark Chocolate E028275 30L DCH 468786DKCHC30L
30R Dark Navy E028275 30R NVY 468786DKNVY30R
30R Loganberry E028275 30R LOG 468786LOGAN30R 841095067178
30R Night/Blue E028275 30R NBL 468786NTSBL30R 840031304452
30R Slate Blue E028275 30R SBL 468786SLTBL30R 841095063941
30R White E028275 30R WHT 468786WHT 30R 840031364074
30R Wood/Dark Wood E028275 30R WOO 468786WDDWD30R 841095096673
32L Black E028275 32L BLK 468786BLK 32L 841095040881
32L Anthracite E028275 32L ANT 468786ANBLK32L
32L Bordeaux E028275 32L BOR 468786BORDE32L 841095063859
30R Dark Chocolate E028275 30R DCH 468786DKCHC30R 840031356932
32L Dark Navy E028275 32L NVY 468786DKNVY32L 841095616369
32L Loganberry E028275 32L LOG 468786LOGAN32L 841095067185
32L Night/Blue E028275 32L NBL 468786NTSBL32L 840031304469
32L Slate Blue E028275 32L SBL 468786SLTBL32L 841095063958
32L White E028275 32L WHT 468786WHT 32L 840031364081
32L Wood/Dark Wood E028275 32L WOO 468786WDDWD32L 841095096680
32R Black E028275 32R BLK 468786BLK 32R 841095040911
32R Anthracite E028275 32R ANT 468786ANBLK32R 840031364555
32R Bordeaux E028275 32R BOR 468786BORDE32R 841095063866
32L Dark Chocolate E028275 32L DCH 468786DKCHC32L 840031356956
32R Dark Navy E028275 32R NVY 468786DKNVY32R
32R Loganberry E028275 32R LOG 468786LOGAN32R 841095067192
32R Night/Blue E028275 32R NBL 468786NTSBL32R
32R Slate Blue E028275 32R SBL 468786SLTBL32R 841095063965
32R White E028275 32R WHT 468786WHT 32R 840031364098
32R Wood/Dark Wood E028275 32R WOO 468786WDDWD32R 841095096697
34R Black E028275 34R BLK 468786BLK 34R 841095040928
34R Anthracite E028275 34R ANT 468786ANBLK34R 840031364562
34R Bordeaux E028275 34R BOR 468786BORDE34R 841095063873
32R Dark Chocolate E028275 32R DCH 468786DKCHC32R 841095616383
34R Dark Navy E028275 34R NVY 468786DKNVY34R 840031357212
34R Loganberry E028275 34R LOG 468786LOGAN34R 841095067208
34R Night/Blue E028275 34R NBL 468786NTSBL34R 840031304483
34R Slate Blue E028275 34R SBL 468786SLTBL34R 841095063972
34R White E028275 34R WHT 468786WHT 34R 840031364104
34R Wood/Dark Wood E028275 34R WOO 468786WDDWD34R 841095096703
36R Black E028275 36R BLK 468786BLK 36R 841095041116
36R Anthracite E028275 36R ANT 468786ANBLK36R 841095673423
36R Bordeaux E028275 36R BOR 468786BORDE36R 841095063880
34R Dark Chocolate E028275 34R DCH 468786DKCHC34R 840031357205
36R Dark Navy E028275 36R NVY 468786DKNVY36R 841095618516
36R Loganberry E028275 36R LOG 468786LOGAN36R 841095067215
36R Night/Blue E028275 36R NBL 468786NTSBL36R
36R Slate Blue E028275 36R SBL 468786SLTBL36R 841095063989
36R White E028275 36R WHT 468786WHT 36R 840031364111
36R Wood/Dark Wood E028275 36R WOO 468786WDDWD36R 841095096710
38R Black E028275 38R BLK 468786BLK 38R 841095052099
38R Anthracite E028275 38R ANT 468786ANBLK38R 841095052075
38R Bordeaux E028275 38R BOR 468786BORDE38R 840031311825
36R Dark Chocolate E028275 36R DCH 468786DKCHC36R 841095618509
38R Dark Navy E028275 38R NVY 468786DKNVY38R 840031311856
38R Night/Blue E028275 38R NBL 468786NTSBL38R
38R Slate Blue E028275 38R SBL 468786SLTBL38R 840031311894
38R White E028275 38R WHT 468786WHT 38R 841095054024
40R Black E028275 40R BLK 468786BLK 40R 841095053997
40R Anthracite E028275 40R ANT 468786ANBLK40R 841095052082
40R Bordeaux E028275 40R BOR 468786BORDE40R 840031311832
40R Dark Navy E028275 40R NVY 468786DKNVY40R 840031311863
40R Night/Blue E028275 40R NBL 468786NTSBL40R
40R Slate Blue E028275 40R SBL 468786SLTBL40R 840031311900
40R White E028275 40R WHT 468786WHT 40R 841095054031
24R Anthracite E028275 24R ANT 468786ANBLK24R
26L Anthracite E028275 26L ANT 468786ANBLK26L
26R Anthracite E028275 26R ANT
28L Anthracite E028275 28L ANT 468786ANBLK28L
24R Dark Bay E028275 24R DRKB 468786DBAY 24R 840031318718
26L Dark Bay E028275 26L DRKB 468786DBAY 26L 840031318725
26R Dark Bay E028275 26R DRKB 468786DBAY 26R 840031318732
28L Dark Bay E028275 28L DRKB 468786DBAY 28L 840031318749
28R Dark Bay E028275 28R DRKB 468786DBAY 28R 840031318756
30L Dark Bay E028275 30L DRKB 468786DBAY 30L 840031318763
30R Dark Bay E028275 30R DRKB 468786DBAY 30R 840031318770
32L Dark Bay E028275 32L DRKB 468786DBAY 32L 840031318787
32R Dark Bay E028275 32R DRKB 468786DBAY 32R 840031318794
34R Dark Bay E028275 34R DRKB 468786DBAY 34R 840031320643
36R Dark Bay E028275 36R DRKB 468786DBAY 36R 840031320650
38R Dark Bay E028275 38R DRKB 468786DBAY 38R 840031320667
40R Dark Bay E028275 40R DRKB 468786DBAY 40R 840031320674
24R Blue E028275 24R BLU 468786INBLU24R 840031320704
26L Blue E028275 26L BLU 468786INBLU26L 840031320711
26R Blue E028275 26R BLU 468786INBLU26R 840031320728
28L Blue E028275 28L BLU 468786INBLU28L 840031320735
28R Blue E028275 28R BLU 468786INBLU28R 840031320742
30L Blue E028275 30L BLU 468786INBLU30L 840031321107
30R Blue E028275 30R BLU 468786INBLU30R 840031321114
32L Blue E028275 32L BLU 468786INBLU32L 840031321121
32R Blue E028275 32R BLU 468786INBLU32R 840031321138
34R Blue E028275 34R BLU 468786INBLU34R 840031321145
36R Blue E028275 36R BLU 468786INBLU36R 840031321152
38R Blue E028275 38R BLU 468786INBLU38R 840031321169
40R Blue E028275 40R BLU 468786INBLU40R 840031321176
24R Grey E028275 24R GRY 468786STGRY24R 840031396198
26L Grey E028275 26L GRY 468786STGRY26L 840031316561
26R Grey E028275 26R GRY 468786STGRY26R 840031316578
28L Grey E028275 28L GRY 468786STGRY28L 840031316585
28R Grey E028275 28R GRY 468786STGRY28R 840031316592
30L Grey E028275 30L GRY 468786STGRY30L 840031316608
30R Grey E028275 30R GRY 468786STGRY30R 840031316615
32L Grey E028275 32L GRY 468786STGRY32L 840031316622
32R Grey E028275 32R GRY 468786STGRY32R 840031316639
34R Grey E028275 34R GRY 468786STGRY34R 840031316646
36R Grey E028275 36R GRY 468786STGRY36R 840031316653
38R Grey E028275 38R GRY 468786STGRY38R 840031396204
40R Grey E028275 40R GRY 468786STGRY40R 840031396211

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